The Uninvited Interlocutor

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The aim of the Uninvited Interlocutor is, well, to be just that.  That is, I will be inserting myself into discussions by way of providing counter arguments to, or exegetical treatments of, various articles and arguments that appear on the web.  Sometimes I will be wholly opposed to an argument or position and other times I may be sympathetic but feel that I can add more or provide a  helpful critique.  Regardless, the main aim is to become an interlocutor in a discussion or debate and hopefully generate a dialectic. To that end, I will  be looking at articles and other forms of expression with a view to analyzing the content for logical fallacies as well as substantiating references.  If any content remains valid after that initial pass I will then provide counter arguments where appropriate.

I may sneak in an odd polemic from time to time though, so do be aware.


Written by Uninvited Interlocutor

February 13, 2012 at 8:44 pm

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