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Those Crazy Canucks Are At It Again: #DenounceHarper

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Another political protest by Canadians flared up on Twitter this weekend under the hashtag of #DenounceHarper.  This weekend was Canada’s birthday holiday celebration of Canada Day (July 1st), and among the cheery tweets by the people emerged a strong trend in telling Prime Minister Stephen Harper what they think about him — it was not pretty.  Harper’s administration has had a growing authoritarian bent to it doing things like proroguing parliament (twice) when things looked difficult, silencing/intimidating scientists on environmental matters, planning an internet snooping regime, planning an airport snooping regime by recording all conversations taking place, stifling political debate in the house and forcing through legislation, etc.  In short, a lot of authoritarian/undemocratic things.  Take a look at the hashtag #DenounceHarper for a nice snippet of the political mood in Canada right now.

Could something like #DenounceCameron take off in the UK as an outlet for displeasure with the current government and its leadership?


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July 2, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Let’s #TellDaveEverything @Number10Gov

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Just a quick post to outline a twitter protest technique used to great effect recently by Canadians.  A couple of months ago Canadians were faced with the introduction of bill C-30 which proposed greatly expanding online surveillance and relaxing rules about access to the data resulting from said surveillance.  Canadians responded on Twitter by tweeting to the minister responsible for the bill, Vic Toews, under the hashtag of #TellVicEverything.  They did not tweet their direct opposition to the bill; but rather, they acquiesced to the notion of intrusive surveillance by incessantly tweeting inane personal details about themselves to the minister under the hashtag #TellVicEverything.  They gave the minister a taste of information overload and also highlighted the absurdity of such intrusive measures.  The hashtag trended heavily for a couple of days and the Twitter activity really enabled the mainstream media to come onto the story forcefully. It was also a good opportunity for humour with tweets like, “I lost an email from my work account yesterday. Can I get your copy?” The government has now stepped back and is “considering amendments” — the bill has proceeded no further than its initial reading.

I believe that the people of the U.K. should now respond to the government’s recent suggestion of similar intrusive internet surveillance in a similar manner. We can tweet to @Number10Gov under the hashtag of #TellDaveEverything  letting Dave know all of our mundane personal details.  Good natured and good humoured is the trick — #TellDaveEverything with cheer, wit and humour.  Let him know how absurd and ineffective such measures are.

Update: Article at Politics Home by Paul Waugh (@paulwaugh) on #TellDaveEverything and what the situation in the U.S. might foreshadow for the U.K.

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April 1, 2012 at 5:02 pm